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1900s Trumpet Skirt pdf Sewing Pattern

1900s Trumpet Skirt pdf Sewing Pattern

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This iconic 7 panel 1900s trumpet skirt comes in three lengths for all of your Gibson Girl aesthetic dreams. It can be worn with or without period accurate underpinnings.


Sewing level: Beginner/Intermediate


-Everyday length AKA tea length is perfect for history bounding, its long, elegant and distinctly turn of the century, but short enough to be practical and wearable today!


-Floor length, exactly what it sounds like! A beautiful swooshing skirt for a dramatic historical ensemble.


-Extended length, this includes a 8" train sweep, perfect for evening wear or anytime you might want a train to accent your presents.


This skirt shape was most popular between 1898-1906. Similar skirt shapes were worn and documented years before and after this period. The back of the skirt has a sleek 2 inch box pleat AKA a 1 inch knife pleat on either side. The back piece will need to be extended if you wish to add more pleats. (I recommend doing this by slashing vertically and extending width of the entire back piece) 



finished waist: 23.5"-47.5" (59.7cm-120.7cm)

If you plan to wear a corset with this skirt please use your corseted waist measurement to choose the correct size. The hip spring of this skirt accounts for hip padding (see "Finished Garment Measurements" in the size chart on last slide)

Everyday length: front - 33" (84cm) back - 34.5"(88cm)

Floor length: front - 38" (97cm) back 42" (107cm)

Extended length: front - 42" (107cm) back - 50" (124cm)


Yardage estimates

Everyday length sizes A-G: 2.5 yd x 58" sizes H-M: 3 yd x 58"

Floor length sizes A-M: 5 yd x 58"

Extended length sizes A-G: 6 yd x 58" sizes H-M 7 yd x 58"


This product is a sewing pattern NOT a garment

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